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Every Indian Will now get E-Passport, Powered By Chip

India’s new External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar  in his first event as a Minister, he announced some revolutionary steps for empowering Indian passports. Every Indian can get a chip powered e-Passport, and we will soon share why
this a revolutionary step.

e-Passports Coming Soon Powered With A Chip 

During his first event as External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar has declared that e-Passports are on the priority, and very soon, they will be launched for all Indians.

He assured that the Ministry of External Affairs is doing everything possible to enable this new chip enabled passport for all.

He said that the “initiated discussions with the India Security Press regarding the project for issue of chip enabled e-passports to the citizens.”

Reasons Why e-Passport Is The Next Revolution?


MEA is developing a prototype of e-Passport in association with  IIT-Kanpur and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) since 2017, and the work is in progress right now.

The new e-Passports will have a higher quality of paper, better printing and some of the advanced security features.

India Security Press, Nashik has already been given the order for procuring electronic contactless inlays, which will be implanted in the e-Passports.

As per reports, the new e-Passport will have a rectangular silicon chip, embedded in the back cover of the passport, which will be comparably thicker.


The information and details about the passport holder will be now saved in the chip, and it makes it literally tamper-proof. In case anyone tries to change any information from the chip, MEA will be instantly notified, and this changes everything.

By forging passports, criminals can get away easily but now, this won’t be possible.

MEA will soon roll out a three-stage global tender for securing International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)-compliant electronic contactless inlays and its operating systme, which would be a major component of these new e-Passports.

Each chip embedded into the e-Passport will have 64 Kilobytes memory space and can store 30 International and domestic visits.

Ease Of Use

Movements inside airports will now become super fast, thanks to the chip inside the passport. The passport holder’s digital signature, date of birth, address, photograph etc will be stored inside the chip, and security personals and immigration officers will just need to scan the passport and check out the details.

To add more security, The International Civil Aviation Organisation has prescribed rules for all e-Passports, as to how the data can be read and processed, and this makes this whole process more secure.

Features of the E-Passport include:

*When time is of the essence in a crowded airport, the e-passport will take a few seconds to read.

*The e-passport prototype was tested in a US government identified laboratory.

*The new passports are expected to have thicker front and back covers.

*According to officials, the back cover is expected to have a small silicon chip.

*It will be smaller than a postage stamp and will have an embedded rectangular antenna.

*No commercial agency has been involved in keeping the security in mind.

*The chip will have 64 Kilobytes memory space.

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  1. Really useful information.

  2. Very good decision by govt but card data must be secure,and should not leak in any cost.


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