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Know that Can Aadhaar be deactivated know here

Aadhaar is one of the most important documents you will ever hold and it is vital proof of identity, it can come handy anywhere and anytime. If you don't use it at all, it may get deactivated.

How to check your Aadhaar card's validity status, and more...

The primary reason your Aadhaar card may get deactivated is non-usage. According to UIDAI officials, if you don't use your Aadhaar for three consecutive years- for example, you don't link it with any service, or don't use it for any transactions, it might get deactivated.

Other reasons for Aadhaar deactivation include mixed or unreliable biometrics, and multiple names under single Aadhaar account.

Aadhaar is active or not :-

In order to check whether your Aadhaar card is active or not, log on to the official UIDAI website.

Click on 'Verify Aadhaar number' link under the 'Aadhaar services' menu.

On the next page, you'll be required to enter your Aadhaar number, and the system-generated security code.

Enter these details, and click on 'Verify' button.

Your Aadhaar status will be flashed on the screen.

If your Aadhaar has been deactivated, here's what to do

If your Aadhaar has been deactivated, you can get it reactivated by visiting the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre. You'll be needed to fill out an Aadhaar update form, re-verify your biometrics, and pay the required fee.

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