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PUBG fans, here is ‘bad news’ for you

If you love PUBG then this news may disappoint you. Not because the game is going to be banned in India ( we cannot be too sure as to what the future holds, considering the recent Rajkot arrests) but because the guy who helped develop the game
will not be working on it further. The man behind battle royale sensation PUBG, designer Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, has decided to move on from developing PUBG. So, there may not be a sequel to the popular battle royale game. Or, to be more correct, the game will not see the creative inputs of Brendan Greene from now on.

But that does not mean that he has left PUBG totally. He recently announced that he’ll be working on PUBG Special Projects and will remain the consulting creative director of the battle royale game. However, he’s shifted from the PUBG Corp headquarters at Seoul to an offfice in Amsterdam and will be working on a completely different project.

In an interview with, Greene said: “The last man standing concept is great, but I’ve done that. I don’t really intend to make PUBG 2. I’ve done battle royale, it’s time to try something else.”

He sounds as if he’s had his fill of the battle royale concept and he wants to move ahead. “I think I’ve provided others with a good way of killing each other. But I want to explore some other things.”

Greene is famous for making battle royale gaming popular among gamers. With the rise in the number of players of PUBG and its competitor Fortnite, other game developers focussed their attention on the battle royale genre which resulted in the battle royale versions of Call of Duty, Battlefield and CS:Go. After the phenomenal success of PUBG, there are still the PUBG Special Projects where we hope to see more of Brendan Greene’s work.


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