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One Set Top Box for all DTH or Cable announced - Cable Portability

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has informed that starting December 2019, interoperability of cable and DTH services would be implemented, pan-India. Once this happens, users would be able to switch their cable and DTH operator without any hassles, and without
having to buy a new set top box.

RS Sharma said " TRAI is scheduled to launch the process for subscribers to shift (or port) to new distribution platform operators (DPOs). We are likely to launch the new portability regime by December this year,"

Starting December, 2019, the same would be applicable for your DTH or Cable operator as well. All you need to do is, literally change one chip. Right now, changing a DTH or cable operator is a big hassle, as the subscriber needs to buy a new set top box provided the new company, and ditch the old one.

Very few times it happens that the old DTH or cable operator will buy back the old set top box, and often, it just converts into junk.

As per TRAI reports, it is working on creating a common infrastructure and platform for all set top boxes, which will make it universal. Currently, every cable and DTH company uses their own set top box, based on different technologies, which makes it tough for the subscriber to change it.

Under the new regime, the critical details about the subscriber, and the DTH/cable company will be saved in a chip or a smart card, just like a SIM in a mobile phone.

When the subscriber wants to change service, all they will be required to do is change that chip in the same set top box. This way, one single set top box can be used to access any DTH or Cable service, without any problem.

DTH/Cable Portability :-

TRAI had issued a framework for DTH Portability, which was applicable for all DTH and Cable companies.

Titled “Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable) Services (Seventh) (Direct to Home Services) Tariff Order, 2015 (2 of 2015)”, this framework mandated all cable and DTH firms to create the required technical platform to ensure that subscribers are able to switch their operators without any hassle.


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  1. Trai is not responding to the complaints of subscribers and what is the need for cable portability ideas. MSO are becoming mafias and thrusting their packages on subscribers and not accepting the payments in cheque form and demanding cash only and govt. is loosing revenue thus evading payments of GST collected.


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