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Here's how to get chequebook without visiting bank branch

You can now request for a new chequebook pretty easily. One can request for a new chequebook without visiting the bank branch. Most public sector and private banks offer various ways for customers to order a new chequebook without visiting the
bank branch.

If you have a branch ATM near you, you can easily request for a new chequebook from there. In case you do not have a branch ATM near you, you can use internet banking, phone banking and missed call banking to request for the new chequebook. 

How to order fresh chequebook without bank branch visit :-

Via ATM:

1. Visit the bank's ATM.

2. Insert your debit card into the machine and enter your 4 digit debit card pin number.

3. Select the options like ' More Options' or 'Services', whichever available. Locate the 'chequebook request' option and select it.

4. Some ATMs ask for the number of leaflets you require, varying somewhere between 25 leaflets to 100 leaflets. The bank will levy charges for the chequebook and deduct it from your bank account.

5. The chequebook will be delivered to your registered address within a span of three to four working days.

Internet Banking

1. Visit the official website of the respective bank. Enter your net banking user ID and password to log in.

2. Under the 'Product and Services' or 'Customer Services' option, find the option of 'chequebook request' and click on it.

3. Select the account for which you wish to issue a chequebook for and select the amount leaflets you need in your chequebook. 

4. Click on 'submit' to submit your chequebook request.

5. Your chequebook will reach your registered address within three to four working days.

Phone Banking/SMS Banking

1. Find out the toll-free number of your bank and register for SMS banking service.

2. Send the chequebook request message in a prescribed format to the number mentioned on the bank website. You can also use the missed call banking option to request for the chequebook.

3. Once your request is processed, the chequebook will be delivered within a few working days.

Banking App

1. Log in to your bank mobile app using your 4-digit PIN

2. Click Services and locate the 'Cheque Book Services' option and then select 'Issue Cheque Book'. (Options might vary from bank to bank app).

3. Select the Account number for which you need the chequebook and click on 'Submit'.


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