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Gmail will suggest subject for your email

Google is doing everything in its power to make Gmail smarter than ever and retain the user-base of the now-dead email app. The service has been getting some interesting features lately, and now, as part of the same effort, the search giant has
added the ability to suggest subjects for your emails.

Gmail offers Smart Compose for writing emails

Since last year, Gmail has been offering a feature called 'Smart Compose' to help you finish your sentences and write emails in less time.

The capability utilizes machine learning and analyzes your writing habits to offer predictive phrase suggestions as you compose an email.

It guesses the next part of your sentence, thereby helping you finish a mail quickly.

Now, the same feature can write subjects too

With the latest update for Gmail, Google is enhancing Smart Compose to offer suggestions for subjects.

Simply put, the machine learning system would be able to analyze the content of your email and predict what you would want to add as a subject line.

If you're wishing someone on their birthday, it will suggest 'Happy Birthday' as the subject with the other party's name.

How to use Smart Compose feature

As Smart Compose is enabled by default, you'll be seeing predictive subject suggestions automatically.

"When you write the body of your email and then place your cursor in the subject line, you may see Smart Compose suggesting a subject for your email," Google says in a blog post.

Once a suggestion shows up, just press 'tab' to use it in the mail.

This indicates the future of Gmail

The new feature clearly shows how machine learning could power the future of day-to-day communication.

Just like how we get suggestions today, the system could evolve to a point where bots could handle some, if not all, communications.

For now, Smart Compose's subject suggesting capabilities are being rolled out for all Gmail users and should be available for you within the next 15 days.


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