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Apple Credit Card Launched- 6 Interesting Facts Every IPhone User Should Know

The smartphone giant has come up with yet another innovation – a credit card! After all the iPhones, iPods and numerous other devices for their fans, Apple has found a way to make things easier for people relying on online transactions as well.

The most exclusive fact about the new Apple Credit Card: Only Apple users can have that.

Along with the credit card, Apple announced an online gaming platform and a streaming video service too. Apple made these announcements on Monday when the technology giant conducted an event at its campus in Cupertino, California.

At the event, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said, “We’ve also been creating a growing collection of world-class services, and that’s what today is all about.”

The Apple Card by Apple

Let’s see some interesting things about the new credit card by Apple!
  • Apple has partnered up with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to offer users with a novel form of a credit card. There will be an iPhone version and an actual card which will be launched in the US in summer.
  • A cardholder can sign up on their iPhone and start using the card from anywhere in the world with Apple Pay. the user can control the card through the Wallet app.
  • Every time a payment is made, 2 percent will be awarded immediately as a cashback. For any purchase from the Apple company, the cashback will be 3 percent. Physical transactions will be awarded 1 percent as cashback.  
  • This card will be free of any late fees, annual fees, international fees, and over-limit fees as well.
  • The actual physical card is a titanium card with the name laser-etched on it. There’s no card number, no CVV code, no expiration date and no signature on the card.
  • Apple has taken care that privacy is at the topmost priority. There will be a different credit card number for each of the devices being used for the same account. There will also be a PIN code that will be accessible through the Face ID or the user’s fingerprint.
  • Apple on The Rise!
  • While previously, Apple has been struck with quite some bad turn of events like losing $55 billion and stocks going down. They were also in the news for their notorious marketing tactics for the iPhone X series. However, the energy with which Apple continues to plow on is laudable.
Apple’s plan to introduce the credit card is to help its users go through a smooth and easy experience with online payments.


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