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Here is how to deposit cash at an ATM

A lot of people actually do not know that one deposit cash at am ATM as well. Most ATMs have a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) which is a self-service terminal that lets people make deposits and payment transactions by cash.

Unlike banks which close at a certain time, the cash deposit service is available 24/7 at ATMs.
For those who do not have a bank branch near them, cash deposit at ATMs is a more convenient option. One needs either their debit Card or their bank account number to deposit money at ATMs. While some CDMs allow you to swipe your Debit Card to make a transaction, others require you to manually enter your bank account number.

Here's how you can deposit money using your debit card:

1. Insert your card into the machine just like you do while withdrawing money.

2. Enter your PIN number accurately.

3. Enter the amount you want to deposit in the account.

4. Confirm the entered amount and proceed. Once you complete all steps mentioned above correctly, you will receive a confirmation slip.

Here's how you can deposit money using account number:

1. In order to deposit money without using a debit card, you need to select ‘deposit without card’ option on the CDM.

2. The machine will ask you to enter your bank account number to proceed further.

3. Enter the amount you which to transfer.

4. Confirm the amount to complete the process.

5. Place the cash in the deposit slot and wait for the machine take it in. When the machine takes in the cash, currency denominations received will be displayed on the on the screen.

6. Collect your confirmation slip as proof of your deposit.

It may be noted that the transaction limit to deposit money differs from bank to bank. However, the minimum amount that can be deposited at an ATM is Rs 100 while the maximum amount is capped at Rs 49,900 per transaction. The CDM accepts all currency notes in multiples of Rs 100 up to Rs 2,000.


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