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The Railways - Lifeline of a Nation says Google

Ministry of Railways has partnered with Google to bring the history of Indian railways on Google Arts & Culture through a new online project called “The Railways - Lifeline of a Nation”. It was announced at an event in the National Rail Museum, New Delhi.

The project is aimed at celebrating the
historic journey of Indian Railways online at It will showcase Indian Railways’ architectural marvels and its charismatic personalities to highlight the deep-rooted connection of railways with the country.

In addition, Indian Railways and Google will bring the exhibits to 22 stations in India, including New Delhi, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Howrah, Secunderabad and Varanasi.

With over more than 100 online exhibitions, 150+ videos and 3500+ images, the online collaborative project will offer an in-depth exploration of sights, sounds and significance of India’s railways.

It is noteworthy to state here that with over 1,51,000 kilometers of track, 7,000 stations, 1.3 million employees and 160 years of history, Indian Railways is one of the most largest railway networks in the world.

Also, the project will highlight lesser known stories and heroic efforts of people like station incharges, workshop engineers.

Amit Sood, Director, Google Cultural Institute, said, "Google is committed to preserving and breathing new life into artistic and cultural treasures around the world. The extraordinary heritage, history and culture of Indian Railways is truly fascinating, and a treat for both the young and the old. This initiative is all about the iconic moments, the heritage, and the making of Indian Railways, which today is the backbone of the country in many ways. It’s an honor to partner with the Ministry of Railways and more institutions to bring India and the world closer to the rich legacy of Indian railways.”

Indian Railways Spokesperson, said, "Since its inception more than 150 years ago, Indian Railways has been an integral part of every Indian traveler, and unified millions with unique cultural experiences. The massive reach, breathtaking sights, its people and their stories, make Indian railways truly unique and magical. Through our partnership with Google, we aim to celebrate this historic journey, highlight the transformation, and preserve the grandeur of Indian Railways for the future generation to rejoice.”


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