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New materials could charge batteries faster

University of Cambridge Researchers have identified that batteries could be charged much faster than now with new compoung of materials.

A complex crystalline structure
and found that lithium ions move through them at rates that far exceed those of typical electrode materials. Kent Griffith, a postdoctoral researcher in Cambridge's Department of Chemistry told " Many battery materials are based on the same two or three crystal structures, but these niobium tungsten oxides are fundamentally different"

Griffith added " The oxygen pillars, or shear planes, make these materials more rigid than other battery compounds, plus their open structures means that more lithium ions can move through them, and far more quickly"

Professor Clare Grey said " In high-rate applications, safety is a bigger concern than under any other operating circumstances"

"These materials (niobium tungsten oxides), and potentially others like them, would definitely be worth looking at for fast-charging applications where you need a safer alternative to graphite" Grey added 

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