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Password protect a document in Word - Here are the steps to follow

MS Word is being used for many purposes in our day to day business and life activites and we feel to keep them secure with a password or other tools.

Here are the ways to encrypt or protect MS Word files :-

Open the document you want to protect in MS Word.
Click on ‘File’ and then under Info, click on ‘Protect Document’ next.
Now, click on ‘Encrypt with Password’ option.
An ‘Encrypt Document’ window will open next; you’ve to give a password for the document now. The password is case-sensitive. After creating the password, click ‘OK’.
Type the password again to confirm it. Click ‘OK’.
Save the document again and close it.
Open the document again. Now, to get access the document, you will have to type the password. Then click ‘OK’ to open the document.

To remove password :-

Click on ‘File’ and then click on ‘Protect Document’.
Click on ‘Encrypt with Password’. At the next window, delete the dots that are hiding your password and then click ‘OK’.
Save the document again and close it. When you open it the next time, there won’t be a need to enter the password and you can access it directly.

Imp Note :-

The password that you give should ideally be complex and yet easy to remember. Because if you happen to forget it, there is no way you can retrieve or reset it, and hence, you will lose access to your own document. So, make sure that the password you give is one that stays in memory. You can even write it down somewhere. This will help in case you forget it in the future.


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