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Whatsapp Groups gets new features

With the exist of several top-level officials from Facebook owned Whatsapp made the company to introduce many new features for the privacy concern of the users.

WhatsApp has now added enhancing the user experience in Groups.
Here are the new features added to Whatsapp Groups explained below..

New Features of Whatsapp Groups :-

1. Group Description :- 

WhatsApp will now come with a newly updated group description which will show up at the top of the chat when a new user joins. The description remains visible to all the participants in the group and even to those who are invited to join the group.

2. Group Catch Up :- 

WhatsApp has added a new Group catch up feature, which now lets users catch up with previous messages quickly. One can now stay get updated with texts they might have missed. There will be a new ‘@ button’ which will appear on the bottom-right side of the chat window.

3. Participant Search Feature :- 

A new search feature has been added, called the Participant Search Feature, so users can find users easily in a big group. The search option will be available on the group info page.

4. New Admin Control Options :- 

More control will now be available with group admins. Admins can now remove permissions for other group members. Other Admins can now be removed by the Group Creators, and the creators can no longer be removed from the group.

5. Protection Option :- 

WhatsApp has also added a new protection option so that users cannot be repeatedly added to the groups which have left a certain number of times.

WhatsApp currently has over 1.5 billion users and the company is trying to add more users to Groups to increase the average time spent by per user.

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