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Google plans to stop Chrome OS; Merges it to Android

Google has apparently planned to merge the Chrome OS into Android, and to get rid of the desktop operating system by planning it to link it to the revised version of Android which will help it span multiple categories of devices, including 2-in-1s.

The Chrome Operating System though
not loved anonymously, it has been success in several aspects and more laptops based off it topped the sale list. It was largely aimed at the education market as an OS for low-powered netbooks. The Chrome OS was built from the open-source Chromium OS from Gentoo-derived GNU/Linux OS, which does everything via Chrome (or Chromium) web browser. But that is not stopping Google from continuing it, as it has decided to axe Chrome OS, and fold it into Android next year, and the Chromebooks will not be any more on sale from 2017, or it will receive a new name to reflect the new OS.

Google’s new decision to integrate Chrome OS to Android has been linked to a planned revision of Android, and the decision isn’t surprising considering the company’s recent announcement of the Pixel C, an Android powered tablet with the optional keyboard cover. Apparently, sources claim that an Engineers team has spent the past two years in merging Chrome OS into Android, and the final result will be a large scale OS for the Mobiles/Tablets and the Notebooks.

The new revised Chrome will be demonstrated by the end of 2016, and released in the next year. This new move from Google will apparently reduce the number of independent platforms it has to maintain.

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