How to root Android device using Kingo Root

Using the Kingo Android Root, users can get the easiest way to root any Android devices with one click. Here are the ways on using the universal Android root software to root the Android devices.

Before stepping into the process, ensure you are ready with these- Powered ON Device with at least 50% battery level, Internet Connection and a USB cable.

Step 1

Download and install Kingo Android Root software for Free.

Step 2

Double click on the Kingo Android Root desktop icon and now launch it. You can now see an interface.

Step 3

Plug your Android device to your PC via USB cable; if the device driver is not installed, then Kingo will automatically do it. Ensure the internet connection is ON so that the device driver can be downloaded. Using Windows 8 may require changes in the settings, as you may encounter driver installation looping issue.

Step 4

For Android rooting process, enabling USB Debugging mode is an essential step. . Remember enabling USB Debugging mode vary from one Android version to another, and it is required by adb for rooting, backing up, installing a custom ROM, tacking screenshots from computer and more. When a prompt window comes up, tick ‘always allow from this computer’.

Step 5

Go through the notifications before rooting your device. You may go through few risks when rooting a device.  Android rooting is process to modify the limitations get full-access, to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized apps and even facilitate the removal and replacement of OS with customized one.

Step 6

Now, click Root for rooting process to begin, and Kingo Android Root will employ multiple exploits and thus it may take few minutes to complete the process. Don’t panic if the device reboots several times in the process, as it is quite common. Also do not touch, move, unplug or perform any operation on your device.

Step 7

Click on finish to reboot device. Your android device is now successfully rooted by Kingo. Don’t operate until the device is rebooted.

Step 8

Check the root status for a prompt window “Root Succeeded”. When the device is successfully rooted, you can notice an app called SuperSU installed.

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