Reliance Jio has introduced three new data add-on plans under its new ‘work from home offer’. These plans will offer 30GB data at Rs 151, 40GB at Rs 201 and 50GB at Rs 251, and can be purchased and applied as a top-up on any existing long term plan, or the new annual prepaid recharge plan
that offers 2GB data per day at Rs 2,399. The three ‘work from home’ top-ups will exist alongside the five existing data top-up plans by Reliance Jio, which offer 0.8GB data at Rs 11, 1GB data at Rs 21, 2GB data at Rs 31, 6GB data at Rs 51 and 12GB data at Rs 101, respectively.

For the long term plans, Jio has announced a new annual plan that offers 2GB of data per day, as well as unlimited voice calls and SMS messages for 365 days, at Rs 2,399. At the present price, Reliance Jio’s new plan offers users a comprehensive calling and data plan at just Rs 200 per month. Additionally, given the higher demand of data for users working from home due to the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, Reliance Jio has removed any daily data cap for users. To cater to high data volume users, Jio has also introduced three new data top-up plans that can be used at any point of time through the one year.

Priced at Rs 2,399, the new plan by Reliance Jio also offers significant more value than competitors in the Indian telecom space. Similarly priced plans by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone-Idea presently offer 1.5GB of data per day. As a result, while Jio’s plan offers 730GB of data through its validity period, other operators offer 547.5GB of data through the same period. This translates to 25 percent more data by Jio, than competitors. For users with slightly lesser data requirement, Reliance Jio also offers an annual plan with 1.5GB data allowance per day (also without data cap). This plan is priced at Rs 2,121, and will remain valid for 336 days.

With the new ‘work from home’ top up plans at hand, Reliance Jio is offering its users to always have plenty of data at hand, no matter how data intensive might workloads be while working from home. With the Covid-19 lockdown extended further in many parts of India, such offers will significantly help relieve tensions regarding having enough data while attending video calls and conducting other tasks.


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