Reduce Your Cable TV Bill - Find Out How

It hasn’t been long since The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced new rules and plans for television channels, and people are already complaining about the high rates and bills that they are
forced to pay.

TRAI has come up with a solution for that – a new web application that will help users reduce their bills.

The Chairman of TRAI had previously admitted that it is necessary to ‘finetune’ the present system that is being implemented by users, which made it clear to us that the organization is working on a new pricing structure.

But then what is the function of the web application? How will it help bring down the prices of channels? Read on for all the details!

TRAI Launches New Channel Selector Application

TRAI introduced its new strategy of the pricing of the TV channels in about January 2019, but it hasn’t been received well as it managed to create confusion, high prices and chaos overall.

Customers have been complaining of the high tariff rates, due to which TRAI has been under pressure. The company, therefore, has come up with a web application called Channel Selector Application, that will help customers bring down their bills.

They have announced the launch of this application and the process that it adapts to help scale down bills on their official page.

The official announcement states, “This Application will help you optimize the selection of your choice and also inform you about the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of your selection.”

Channel Selector Application: How Does It Work?

The Channel Selector web application calculates the total amount that you will have to pay when you select all the channels that you wish to purchase.

You will be asked to fill in your details, such as name, address, etc., based on which you will be suggested the channels by the application. You can select or unselect the channels as per your favorite genre, such as News, Music, Devotion, Sports and the MRP will change in the top bar as you change the channels.

When you select all the channels you are looking for, there will be an ‘Optimise’ button, which is the main feature of the web application. It will delete any channel that has been added twice, and will also suggest you a bouquet that you can replace a group of selected channels with.

The website states, “Finally, the Application attempts to optimise your bill by checking if there are bouquets on offer which will reduce your total monthly bill without reducing the channels you have selected.”


  1. Such a rubbish decision of trai according to this we will pay fta channel also .

    1. TRAI Is doing all kinds of rubbish and confusing the public at large

    2. Yes every month we pay a large amount in vain the cost of sum of all the channels I pay Rs380. And this is too much I m just feeling suffocated because of this kind of new rules.

  2. Very bad dision TRAI because before I pay after TRAI Dision paying double same channel not happy this dision

  3. After implementation of new rules particularly Airtel digital TV is not responding as a result of which there is no apparent reductions in channel rates as well as bouckets rates Trai has to take stringent action

  4. It is confusing and NOT justified for the amount Paid. Consumer / customers are taken for a Ride.

  5. Try is making us fool we are paying for free channel too as Ra 130 plus tax as minimum bill amount.totally rubbish

  6. Govt should intervene,TRAI has worked in the interest of the Companies and not the customers.

  7. It is clearly indicating that TRAI is helping tv operaters to get more money from customers. So all customers are not happy but everyone need tv and all paying.

  8. The most worst TRIA team I ever seen my lifetime.

    1. Introduce special offers first example for reliance jio
      All are few month freely using after then they all are regularly using that channel and three month once increase the cost and increase the 150 plus quality of the channels

  9. earlier we used to pay Rs.200/month for all channels .. now it is more and operators demanding more than trai charges.. i have disconnected cable.. getting more free time personal works..


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