Lost your ATM card? Here’s how to block via SMS

If you have misplaced your SBI ATM card or it has been stolen, it is important to report it and get it blocked with an immediate effect. If you get your card blocked then it can prevent chances of misuse or unauthorized transactions.
State Bank of India (SBI), country’s largest lender, offers its customers the facility to block SBI ATM card through SMS. For this user name and password is not needed.

In order to prevent unauthorized transactions, one can do any of the following things-

1. ATM card blocking-

If you have misplaced or lost your ATM card then you should immediately block the ATM card linked to the registered account. This can be done by sending an SMS from the registered mobile number as ‘BLOCKlast four digits of the card number to 567676.

Once your request for blocking is accepted, you will receive a confirmatory SMS alert which has ticket number, date and the time of blocking.

2. ATM Card switch on or off usage-

If you wish to deactivate transactions at the point of sale (POS), ATM, international or domestic ones then you can control your ATM card channel of usage by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number. After that, you can choose to activate whenever you wish to transact. For this type an SMS
‘SWON/SWOFFATM/POS/ECOM/INTL/DOMlast four digits of the card number and then send it to 09223966666.

For example- SWON POS 4321 to activate POS usage
SWOFF INTL 3245 to deactivate international usage

Once the request is accepted for activation or deactivation, you will get a confirmatory SMS alert which will have reference number, date and time of the request.

One important point to note here is that Two-factor authentication (2FA) for card transactions within India. For international transactions, there is no such framework. Keeping the safety and security in mind, one should deactivate international transactions on your credit, debit or ATM card.

Block SBI ATM card by phone call-

SBI accountholders have the option of calling up the customer care to register a complaint and block the card immediately. For this purpose, one can call up toll-free numbers 18004253800 or 1800112211. This is the interactive voice response system (IVRS) where the account holder will be guided as to how to block SBI ATM card. One just needs to follow the instructions carefully.


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