Amazon launches "Flex" part-time delivery program in India

Amazon has launched the "Amazon Flex" delivery program in India today. The new program, which has been operational in some international markets, on-boards people to work as part-time delivery partners for extra income while
offering flexible timings.

Amazon Flex :-

Under the program, you can sign up via the Amazon Flex app to be a part-time delivery associate for Amazon. The app will let you create your own schedule by selecting the area and delivery time of your preference.

The company has announced a remuneration of Rs. 120-140 per hour for delivering packages.

Notably, the program is currently active in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Amazon Flex partners will also get an insurance cover

According to Amazon, the remuneration to Flex delivery partners will be paid every Wednesday via an online bank transfer. Moreover, every partner will be provided with an insurance cover of up to Rs. 5 lakh.

Flex partners will get a four-hour daily slot for delivery :-

According to Amazon, Flex partners will be given classroom training and they need to go through a comprehensive background verification process before they begin delivering packages.

Further, the freelance delivery partners will be provided a four-hour slot every day for delivering the orders. At the end of the day, they will be required to deposit the undelivered orders and cash received from Cash-on-Delivery orders.

Amazon Flex partners will only deliver backpack-friendly parcels :-

"Amazon Flex partners will deliver only goods that can be carried in a backpack on their bikes. It is the size and weight that determines this, not the category. So electronics, apparels, books etc., can be delivered by them," says Akhil Saxena, VP Asia-Operations, Amazon.

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