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SBI Minimum Balance Rules All You Need To Know

State Bank of India (SBI) levies certain charges on customers failing to meet its monthly average balance (MAB) rules applicable to savings accounts. Monthly average balance of an SBI savings bank account is the average of daily balances in the account in a month,
according to the website of the country's largest lender. Customers holding regular savings accounts with the bank are required to maintain a monthly average balance (MAB) to the tune of Rs. 1,000-3,000, which varies depending on branch location, according to the SBI website.

Here are 10 things to know about SBI's monthly average balance (minimum balance) rules:

1. SBI accounts are categorised into four types depending on their location: metro, urban, semi-urban and rural. 

2. Customers failing to meet the MAB requirements have to bear a penalty charge, the amount of which depends on factors such as branch location.

3. The degree of shortfall - which is the difference between the average balance maintained in a month and the minimum required balance - is also taken into account while levying the charges.

4. SBI customers holding savings accounts in metro and urban branches are required to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs. 3,000.

5. The penalty charge for not maintaining the required MAB in SBI's metro and branches ranges from Rs. 10 plus GST (goods and services tax) to Rs. 15 plus GST, according to the bank's website.

Metro and urban branch (required MAB Rs. 3,000)Charges
Shortfall <= 50%Rs. 10 + GST
Shortfall > 50-75%Rs. 12 + GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs. 15 + GST
(As mentioned on
6. Customers with accounts in semi-urban areas are required to maintain an average monthly balance of Rs. 2,000.

7. The bank charges a penalty amount ranging from Rs. 7.5 plus GST to Rs. 12 plus GST from customers failing to comply with the minimum balance or MAB rules in its semi-urban branches.

Semi-urban branch (required MAB Rs. 2,000)Charges
Shortfall <= 50%Rs. 7.50 + GST
Shortfall > 50-75%Rs. 10 + GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs. 12 + GST
(As mentioned on
8. Customers holding an account in the bank's rural branches are required to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs. 1,000.

9. SBI has set penalty charges to the tune of Rs. 5-10 plus GST for non-compliance with the monthly average balance rules in rural branches.

Rural (required MAB Rs. 1,000)Charges
Shortfall <= 50%Rs. 5 + GST
Shortfall > 50-75%Rs. 7.50 + GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs. 10 + GST
(As mentioned on

10. However, SBI also offers certain accounts in which the MAB rules are not applicable. In other words, these bank accounts can be operated with nil balance without any balance-related restrictions on the customer. Also widely known as zero balance savings accounts, these bank accounts do not require the customer to maintain any particular minimum average balance. 



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  1. What logic do you keep for students who hold an account with your bank ?? Can I not sue you for looting me.

  2. Legally looting from poor people only.

    1. sbi gives me account opening with 0 balance and also one of my friend sbi account operate with o balance then it is need to me that account balance is 1000 to 3000

  3. What about pensioners who retired from SBI?

  4. जब से मोदी आया ना जीने देता है ना मरने देता हर महीने घर की टेसन दूसरी मोदी रोड़ा अड़ा दिया हाई हर महीने बैंक BANCE टेसन मारे जेए रहे मोदी क्या हम लोग टेक्स उनके मे आता दाल का भाव मालूम हो जाएगा

  5. In my opinion it is unjust with saving account holders because they opened this kind of account to save money they were given some interest on their deposited amount but here we have to pay in the name of MAB . If it is compulsory the ammouant should be 500 rupees and they not be allowed to withdraw from the account by ATM or any other methods. Thus both purposes can be done and certain intrest should be given to us. Present method of the bank's is really unjust.

  6. Banks are making profits. They have many options for earning from those who don't bother for small amounts. Those , who find it difficult to maintain MAB, are persons who are in financial crisis but try to save somehow.They should not be discouraged. Banks should be friendly with their customers of low income group.Not maintaining minimum balance is not a pleasure, it is helplessness.

  7. sbi minimum blancba rules is midil class people & poor people on heavy effect on life & student's aren't opened the account in SBI Bank .


  8. where can I access the list of branches to know in what category my Caranzalem branch in Goa is?

  9. SBI has levied penalty for 2 months stating that minimum balance was not maintained in my SB account. But during those months, balance in my account was more than Rs1,00,000/- throughout the period. My efforts to explain the discrepancy to the bank manager and others was of no use.
    I changed the pin number of my SBI debit card and the atm machine displayed the same as successful.Also issued a slip to this effect. But I was unable to withdraw cash with the new pin number. So I did operations with old pin number. Again I changed the pin. But to my surprise, the same story repeated.
    Iam using internet banking and the same is also hopelessly poor. Added to this, the bank charges for the transactions exceeding Rs1000/-
    Net banking services of ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahendra Bank and HDFC Bank are good, reliable and customer friendly.

  10. Will this be seen by any officials of SBI.
    U G Krishna Murthy.
    Mob: 8977712727.