Monday, 24 September 2018

How to get deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android Phones

Whatsapp has reported that users can now delete their sent messages within a 7-minute window that brought smile on million of users’ faces. 

Here are the ways that how can you read the deleted Whatsapp messages...
Process to get the deleted messages :-
  • Download and install the Notification history app from playstore.
  • Open the app and “allow” notification and administrator access.
  • The app will start recording all the notification history.
  • Open the app and “tap” on whatsapp to see all the notification history of whatsapp.
  • Look for the contact name or number and tap on that to see that particular notification.

Note :-
  • The app can only store the first 100 character of the message.
  • The messages will be deleted once you’ll restart your device.
  • This app can only retrieve those messages which have generated the notification on your device and have been seen or interacted.



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