Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Jio Home TV eMBMS to provide HD Channels at Rs 400 Per Month

News has been spread like wildfire hinting that Jio HomeTV to bring Indian Direct-to-Home (DTH) services at affordable price. As of the source, Jio is all set to enter into DTH medium and to give tough competition.

As of the sources report,
Jio Home TV will offer SD (Standard Definition) channels for a monthly price of Rs. 200 and SD + HD (High Definition) channels for Rs. 400 per month. Jio's latest technology based on Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) and is not the yet-to-be-launched Jio DTH service.

TelecomTalk says,Reliance Jio is planning to soon launch its new Jio Home TV service that is said to be a modified version of the Jio Broadcast app, which was recently being tested for streaming HD content on select devices. Reliance Jio will roll out this feature for all Jio users, with a rebranded version called Jio Home TV. Do note, however, that this piece of news comes from an unconfirmed source and might not be completely accurate.

eMBMS is an hybrid technology that combines the capabilities of TV channel and radio architecture to create a scalable solution for providing HD content in high volumes. An active Internet connection will not be required for accessing this content as most of it will be placed in broadcast mode for offline access. An apparent confirmation from Jio comes through Reliance Industries' third quarter report that specified the testing of Jio's eMBMS testing pan-India.



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