Thursday, 26 April 2018

Apple to bring iPhone with a stylus iPen

Analysts reports suggest feature iPhone to come up with a stylus and the price to be considerably low when compared to current prices of Apple.

It is also murmured that iPhoneX
with a pen to be a  successor to the iPhone X. Apple is planning to release three new models among them 2 to have OLED screens while one of them could be sporting an LCD display. According to a new report, the LCD screen iPhone may support a stylus and could be $200 cheaper than the OLED screen models.

Market analysts Jun Zhang has noted that 6.1-inch LCD iPhone could support a stylus and could be cheaper than the other two models. Zhang says the handset could be priced around $799 range. This strategy is assumed to take place in order to push iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users for an upgrade. The particular device is being tipped as the ‘iPhone 8S’ and internally as ‘Jaguar’.



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