Easy Steps for Corrections in your Voter Card Online

Easy Steps for Corrections in your Voter Card Online :-

We might go through mistakes like incorrect address,spelling errors and photo discrepancy come up while issuing a Voter ID card. India’s Election Commission has laid down quite a few simple ways
to correct such mistakes. Voters finding such problems in their voter Ids can adopt the following simple methods.

Steps to make correction online, in Voter ID Card:

* First step is to – log on to the official website for voters, the NVSP (National Voters Services Portal) – http://www.nvsp.in

* Click on the section – “Correction of entries in electoral roll”

* From the new tab that opens, select “Form 8”. Voters will automatically be redirected to the page where request for the ‘voter card correction’ can be made.

* Following details need to be entered – Name, serial number, age, gender, state, part number of electoral roll, Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency to which the voter belongs, family details (name of mother/father/husband), complete address.

* If you already have a voter ID, submit details like issuing date, card number, state where it was issued.

* Once the details are entered, upload the required documents supporting the information mentioned, including the latest photograph, valid ID and an address proof.

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  1. It's been 1 year I have submitted the application but no action has been taken it is still shows as submitted. That's it

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    They don't reply.

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