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UIDAI has an important message for Aadhaar card holders

UIDAI - Unique Identification Authority of India has alerted Indian Public against having their Aadhaar Card to plastic or laminated by which they are said to be unauthorised printing could render the
QR code dysfunctional or even expose personal data without an individual's informed consent.

Further stating UIDAI has given their promise that the Aadhaar letter, its cutaway portion, downloaded versions of Aadhaar on ordinary paper or mAadhaar are "perfectly valid". Further added that unauthorised printing of Aadhaar smart cards could cost between Rs 50-300, or even more payment which is completely unnecessary.

UIDAI released statement as " ..the plastic or PVC Aadhaar smart cards are often not usable as the QR code (Quick Response Code) commonly becomes dysfunctional during such unauthorised printing at some vendor/shop. Also, there could be a possibility of sharing Aadhaar details (personal sensitive demographic information) without informed consent with some devious elements "

Ajay Bhushan Pandey who is the CEO of UIDAI has confirmed that plastic Aadhaar Smart card is totally "unnecessary and a waste". There is no concept such as smart or plastic Aadhaar card finally concluded.

Collecting Aadhaar information from public for printing cards or unauthorised printing is also said to be criminal offence punishable with imprisonment under law.


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  1. Since some of us have already laminated the card,is there any recourse to get a fresh one reissued?

  2. What is the meaning of local and non local aadhar. If we change states and try to take new phoen connection or go for police verification and show the aadhar card as address proof with the current address also they are saying its non local aadhar. What is the actual use of aadhar? Even if we change to current address and show the original printed aadhar they are not accepting

  3. Since some of us have already laminated the card before 3-4 years,is there any recourse to get a fresh one reissued?

  4. if we have applied for adhar card before 5 months still not received the original adhar card from govt so we have to take print out and or get it plastic card so easy to carry for verification

  5. get UID down loaded through i'net and get it printed on paper.
    No need to go to Govt.


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