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10 ways fraudsters steal money from your Debit/Credit card

With the fastest growing online usage, financial services too moved to online as many banks are offering even opening of new account with in seconds with couple of clicks online.

Even Insurance Policies, Mutual Funds, Shopping and many other financial needs are being done with just a debit or credit card swipes.
All these are being good signs are society is heading to use new technology on the go and bad is that cyber criminals are mastered with exploiting vulnerabilities. Earlier this year we heard that over 3.2 million debit cards were hacked which are belonged to different major banks in India. 

Here we come up with different ways of hacking one's debit/credit card online by Criminals :- 

1 . Skimming :-

It is common way as it is mostly done at ATM's and it is also called as ATM Skimming. An counterfeit reader is fixed to ATM Machine which readily reads and stores when an debit card inserted with the help of magnetic strip on the card. 

2. Fake Keyboards :-

Apart from Skimming, Criminals also get fake keypads attested to ATM Machine and when the user enter PIN it records automatically and sends the data. Capturing ATM card PINs through a false keypad is known as a 'pin-pad overlay'.

3. Hidden Cameras :-

In the most of the ways, cyber criminals opt for hidden cameras nearby ATM machines. These cameras are  fitted in a way to read your card PIN number. That means near by the keyboard.

4. Card Trapping :-

It is one of the smart technique that a barb that retains the card when you insert it in the machine and the card is retrieved later.

5. Pharming :- 

Criminals makes the users to visit fake online portals which are similar to original and make you to get done with a transaction with your debit or credit cards. In this process card details are stored and fraudsters uses to get the money from your account.

6. Keystroke Logging :- 

It is best way of trapping by the criminals by which they make the users to unintentionally download a software, which allows the fraudster to trace their key strokes and steal passwords or credit card and Net banking details.

7. False Fronts :- 

False Fronts are one of the methods used by the criminals to steal users money at the ATM Machines. False Fronts are installed on ATM Machine which are hard to recognise and ingeneral they look big than usual one. 

8. Malware :- 

Malicious or dangerous Software are made to install in personal computers are at ATMs or bank servers and allows criminals to access your confidential card data.

9. Phishing :- 

In this method you get a mail which seems to be a  legitimate source, saying Income-Tax department or your bank. It will have a link that takes you to a website that will collect your personal bank credentials. So, do not respond, follow a link or open an attachment provided in unsolicited mail.

10. Vishing  :-

Phishing is the identifu theft via spam emails. Vishing is the most common nowadays as it is spread via SMS or Phone Calls. Fraudsters makes you to reveal your password, PIN or account number.


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