Sunday, 24 December 2017

YouTube player on iOS will adapt to the shape of the video..

New Dynamic player from Youtube is being rolledout on iOS devices. Google's Youtube app will be upgraded to support different formats of video viewing features.

The new player upgrade will help
the viewing capability of horizontal video and aspect ratios like 16:9 and 4:9. Youtube Twitter handle has posted " Bye bye, black bars. Now the YouTube player on iOS will automatically adapt to the shape of the video you’re viewing!"

Till now YouTube app on iOS has displayed horizontally shot videos; vertical and square videos with black bars all the sides. YouTube blogpost updated " In the coming weeks, the YouTube mobile app will dynamically adapt to whatever size you choose to watch it in. That means if you're watching a vertical, square or horizontal video, the YouTube player will seamlessly adapt itself, filling the screen exactly the way they should"



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