Apple working on unify iOS and macOS apps to be real in 2018

According to the reports of Bloomberg, Apple is on at the end mode to come up with a unique features by which developers could easily work on to build new apps with touchscreen input
on iPhone and iPad, and with mouse and track pad on Mac devices. These said to be in live in the coming year.

With this new development developers can build single app that works on both Apple's platforms iOS and macOS. Bloomberg report as - "Apple intends to roll this out as part of the iOS and macOS fall updates (version 12 and 10.14, respectively, if numbering remains in keeping with current versions) that usually arrive for consumers alongside new iPhone hardware in the later part of the year. It could begin making the tools available to developers earlier, however, per the report, in advance of a broad consumer release. Bloomberg suggests we could hear about these plans publicly for the first time at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference in early summer, should they remain on track."

A single app at the App Store helps at Mac App Store and even new users can easily use the new software without much concern. While comparing to others like Google that had bought Android apps to its Chrome OS and Windows OS made it available on its hybrid/tablet. 

Apple's new notebook and Desktop PC's could get their own ARM-based chips with this single app layer of iOS and macOS. 

Source :- techcrunch

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