Now and then Interner users feels low as the speed tests their patience with frequent disconnects on the devices they use via Wi-Fi. The reasons for the abysmally very slow speed of the Wi-Fi could be of many reasons.
In many router Wi-Fi connection channels are auto selected so that Wi-Fi channels jumps from one to the other when their seems to be crowded. 

Techiyogiz here comes up with few fixes for the slow Wi-Fi speeds which could be identified on the basis of system and the router connectivity. 

Steps to Speed up Wi-Fi on Mac / iOS :- 

Mac :- 

1. Hold Option Key ---> Click Wi-Fi icon in the Menu selection

2. Opt for Wireless diagnostics  (Note :- Just leave the setup wizard which pops-up)

3. Click on Window and select Scan (Click on Scan Now)

4. On the Left Side pane - Mac showcases few channels which is based on the frequence of your internet speed

 iPhone/iPad :- 

1. Go to app store

2. Download and Install AirPort Utility App

3. Go to Settings ---> Airport Utility App

4. Airport Utility App --->  Enable Wi-Fi Scanner

5. Scan Networks in your circle

Steps to Speed up Wi-Fi on Windows/Android :-

1. Download Acrylic Wi-Fi

2. Run Acrylic Wi-Fi to identify Networks around you

Android Devices :- 

1. Go to Play Store

2. Download Wi-Fi Analyzer

3. Tap on Wi-Fi Analyzer ----> Scan networks

Final Steps on your Router :- 

After following the above mentioned steps, head to Router's Admin Page to get on the right changes to speed up the Wi-Fi speed.

Settings Page :- Go to (Most Commonly used URL to access)

If not above mentioned url, go to the Router manual book to access the admin page

Go to Wi-Fi Settings Page :- Check for the Channels Option ----> Opt for the Channel which isn't being used

Post Selecting the Channel ----:> Save Settings ----> Exit

With the above procedure your Home Wi-Fi Network is out of huge crowded channel and you can experience the needed speed you expect...

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