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BHIM cash back scheme for merchants extended till 31st March, 2018

Indian Government is taking a step ahead to raise the awareness of Digital India to large extent and giving many offers to Merchants and Common users.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) application is being mainly focused to create more awareness to make all the payments online and also to stop cash and carry option in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now launched a scheme by Ministry of Electronics and IT.

BHIM cash back scheme for merchants will now offers incentives of up to  Rs 1,000 to merchants for accepting payments through the BHIM application and this scheme to be operational till March 31st, 2018. 

Ministry of Electronics and IT has announced as "The BHIM cash back scheme for merchants will be operational till 31 March, 2018".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched this scheme  on 14 April for a period of six months for promoting cashless payments through the BHIM app. With this scheme a merchant can get cash back of Rs. 50 for 20-50 transaction, Rs. 2 for every transaction there after till Rs. 950. In BHIM cash back scheme monthly limit has been restricted to Rs. 1,000.

Merchants can avail these benefits for atleast 20 transactions that has been accepted by the merchants in a month from unique users of BHIM and for each amounting Rs. 25. 

BHIM app is very much useful to mobile wallets and helps the transactions of the users which is directly linked with bank accounts. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has announced that the app installs has been crossed to 16 Million and 4 Million active users. 

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  1. সুন্দর ভিম অ্যাপ।

  2. स्टेट ब्यांकपर 40बार सालाना ट्रांन्जेक्शन करनेके बाद हर व्यवहारपर पेनल्टी लगादी है।हर महीने सीर्फ3बार जमा/निकाल सकतेहै तो ये सुझाव लुटनेका ही हुवा

  3. I have transferred money on15 August by mistake to Jio .
    I registered the complaint immediately.Buti am unable get any response .How I can believe safety of BHIM

  4. i will surely download the bhim app.


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