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Guide to extract .apk File from Android Phone

Millions of users opt for Android devices, since they are economical compared to the iOS devices and they are flexible such as installing the own UI by installing custom Roms, and it has the huge marketplace Google Play Store to get the Apps and the Games installed.

However, for the new apps from Play Store,
there is only option where the .apk file is directly installed on our device. Like the .exe files for Windows, .Apk files are for the Android operating system. These files after installation will not be available for sharing and installation into other devices like we share in Windows Software setup. So, you need to yet again download and install these apps in the other Android devices as well.

Android devices are flexible, and there are lot of numerous advanced apps developed to access the useful features, which are not provided by UI Makers. And to resolve the issue of .apk file sharing here are some techniques to extract .apk file from installed Android Apps and can be shared and installed on other devices.

Technique1: Extract Using APK Extractor

Apk Extractor is the noted Android Application, you can install for free on Google Play Store, which is compatible from Android version 2.2 to 5.0. It allows you to extract the .apk file from installed App in not only the android devices, but also lets you to backup any app and move it into SD card or another device like computers, laptops and lets you upload to the Google Drive. APK Extractor is easy to install and use to extract all most all Apps including the system Inbuilt applications.

Follow the Steps to extract .apk with APK Extractor

1. Install Apk extractor on your Android device from Google Play Store, or download the file manager and find the .apk file after extracting the file. The file is stored in  /sdcard/ExtractedApks/.
2. Now, tap on the Apk extractor App on your Android device
3. Launch the app and you get to see the list of installed apps on the device.
4. Choose the app .apk file you likely to get.
5. Tap and select the share option, if you wish to share the apk file.
6. Click on the Menu, Go to Settings to change the path to save the .apk file.

Technique 2: Extract Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer available on Google play store for free is another noted file manager, which not only manages extracts the files but can carry the tasks including the download manager, task killer, cloud storage client, file sharing et al acting as the file manager, App manager, task manager, Bluetooth file browser and text and photo editor. Compatible with all the Android versions, ES File Explorer is available in 30 languages. The attractive interface aids in extracting .apk file from installed Apps and provide backup sharing facility.

Follow the Steps to extract.apk with ES File Explorer

1. Download, Install Es file Explorer on your Android device, and launch the app.
2. Navigate to the tool menu, once you complete launching the app.
3. Go to the Application manager in the tool menu to find the list of Apps installed on your device
4. Click on the app on which of the .apk file you wish to get.
5. Select the Backup option and tap it begin the extracting .apk file
6. Choose the path to save the file.

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