Redesigned Google Play starts rolling to Android devices

Google engineer Kirill Grouchnikov has teased the Google Play's fresh new look last week, and the new redesigned look has begun rolling to Android smartphones and tablets.

The redesigned Google Play divides Google's
digital storefront to Apps & Games and Entertainment, and below these categories are the subsections of Google Play including the top charts for apps or family-oriented content. In the Entertainment category, you can find the pages separate for the top charts for apps or family-oriented content.

The new Redesigned Google Play Store also comes with the animations and the scrolling effects to other apps. The app comes with the new buttons, which appear throughout the app, replacing the previous scrolling tabs.

However, Google Play Store is not the update you can install manually, as Google needs to flip the switch server-side to allow you to view the new play store. However, you need to wait a bit longer if you don’t witness the new features. Google updated and switched up the Google Play store with a good frequency more than the Apple’s App Store. The Play Store yet keeps to Google's Material design principles and the overall design update should feel familiar and in line with Vanilla Android.
So, get ready to update the new design of Google Play Store with a simplified design interface on your Android devices.

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