LG G4 to get Android Marshmallow

LG G4 is onset wheeling next week for those who are  waiting for the new Android portion .Its a amazing announcement. The company  has reported that the Marshmallow update will start exhibiting in poland come after  by
other European countries. Asia and the Americas and that later dates for which will be upcoming soon

Discourage of limited as ever that these companies contribute to declare  the rollout in one exact market without  furnishing  firm dates effective,its good to watch look LG releasing Marshmallow soon

With the larger control of data applications approval and clear acess,but also not only at the  access, but at any time Some special noise and vibrate mode as well as a DND mode to block all sounds or only reminders and alerts.A mode of doze which push down  background transform of certain apps when the phone is not in use, for better backup the life of battery

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