Instagram launches app that loops 1 sec video

Instagram has launched a new app today that allows you to create 1-second video loops called Boomerang, and this app operates by just opting to press a button and record one second of video. Instead of playing once, this Instagram video clip plays, rewinds, and then repeats, and thus called the boomerang moniker.

Instagram is planning a group of
apps which allows you to be creative on the photo and video-sharing platform. The Boomerang app is launched for iOS and Android, which allows you to shoot one-second videos which will quickly be playing forward or backward.

However, they are a bit different to the Vines and GIFs and as it is called Boomerang, everything will be periodically in reverse, and this rewinding app is a perfect loop, and gives the video a GIF-like appearance. Following the Hyperlapse launched previous year, Boomerang is Instagram’s second video specific app. And both of them are neat features but not integrated into the primary Instagram app, as it can be used by the Instagram’s 400 million+ users

This app doesn’t have the self-contained feed like Hyperlapse and Layout, so you may want to make the videos to share them either on the Facebook or Instagram. People may now even diversify Instagram and make the feeds different away from the rival apps like Snapchat.

Boomerang app is packed with few buttons and only two screens, you can start on the camera directly since you are not required to any log-ins. Click on the shutter button in normal or selfie mode, and Boomerang can click 5 quick shots over the span of a second, The iOS version will look even better than the Android with image stabilization rather than the dizzy mode.  

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