Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How to send Photos and Videos to Cloud directly

With the enhanced camera features like Mega-megapixel sensors, 4K video, Live Photos, the big files of your content can easily take up all of your phone’s storage. The high resolution pics and HD videos puts a stern knock on the storage availability on your devices.

Although you may manually move your
images to your computer or a cloud service that can be troublesome when you rarely remember to do until it’s late, as your devices can pop up the "storage low" messages.

So, here’s the Camra [Android|iOS] app which will not save your clicks and videos to Phone but moves them directly to the cloud. Camra offers 5GB of cloud storage for free,, while it charges 99 cents monthly for 100GB, which is a moderate rates. It also offers a $9.99 prepay option for all the year. However, Camra doesn’t provide much in shooting controls, except for the standard photo and video modes, turn the flash on and off and switching between the front and rear cameras.

 It however offers the "live-streaming to Facebook" option, which likely delivers a video to the Facebook feed. Although it’s not a live streaming, it might be your just recorded video, and this is a good option when you wanted to share videos via Facebook at the earliest best.

It also offers an option of transferring the photos and video to your Dropbox or the Instagram accounts or other accounts, besides saving them to device. You will be allowed to share the content in usual ways and create groups like family, friends to view the share.

Camra account requires your phone number for verification, as a part of the privacy, and it provides you with some numeric password, and this will let you sign into the account online.



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