How to blur the faces on YouTube videos

YouTube is a large place where you citizens and activists narrate stories/incidents which they think should not go unnoticed, but sometime the exposure may bring risks or troubles to the ones who appear in the videos. So, for those who want to protect their identities or keep yourself away from
publicity, here’s a quick guide on how to blur your face in video footage.

1. Log into your Youtube account as you usually do and click on the upload button, once you get your video ready.

2. Wait for the video to completely upload and fill up the title and other relevant information. Click on the video manager.

3. Find the draft video on the list of uploads and, click on the edit to the right of its thumbnail. Click on the arrow on drop-down menu and tap on Enhancements icon.

4. Go to the editing page, and select Special effects next to the top right of video, and click on it.

5. You’ll get to select to Blur All Faces. If you wish to choose it, click Apply button which is to the right option.

6. You can get the preview video. The left screen of video shows you the original upload, while the right half of the screen shows preview of the video with the changes you have opted for. Click save when you’re done.

7. Finally, you can upload the video with all faces blurred on it.

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