Google Pixel C Android Tablet Details and Specifications

Google has announced the new Pixel C Tablet, which is going to be the most premium Android tablet so far starting at $499. The 10.2-inch tablet with USB-C runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and not on Google’s Chrome OS.

The Google Pixel C avoids the design of any factors of Chromebook, and it has some common things to look with Surface and iPad Pro. The device is packed with Nvidia Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM, where the company claims it as powerful in handling any tasks. The Pixel C’s high-resolution display packs in 308ppi offering 500 nits on the brightness front. In addition, there are stereo speakers on either side of the screen focusing on the enhanced movie-viewing experience.

Google has also emphasized on how the keyboard will work with tablet, which attaches via magnets, for a full Qwerty typing experience. The full-size $149 keyboard can be adjusted from 100 to 135 degrees, and can also be connected via Bluetooth, and it doesn't have any "unsightly" connectors.

The Pixel C looks premium with the with an all-metal enclosure, which the company claims to be the “sturdy and solid in your hands.” It looks a bit similar to the Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which also comes with a keyboard cover accessory.

“In the case of tablets, we asked ourselves what would an ideal touch plus typing experience look like? Something where the screen and the keyboard complement each other. We think the Pixel C’s tablet and keyboard experience really unlocks new ways to both play and be productive on one device,” said product management exec Andrew Bowers. The 32GB Pixel C costs $499 while the 64GB is priced $599. However, there’s no microSD card slot, though.

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