Bring PC in your compact with MS-Continnum for handsets

Windows phones has a special feature which we can use the handsets with computers having windows 10 software actually works with continuity  is suitable for windows gadgets.

You can connect your handset into a
desktop with the help of HDMI cord and run your applications on the monitor via continuity. By using bluetooth, you can add mouse and keyboard.

It has a special feature of dock which will be able to perform your handset to give output active and simple.It does not support Miracast connection (mirroring can be done securely and without an Internet connection). The dock contains three USB ports. One has Display port , another HDMI, further for self power supply to give backup your mobile at same time.

App technicians has to invent windows 10 global apps for the benefit of compatibility,which Microsoft original apps and MS-Office gadget soft-wares are based earlier.

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