5 best Google Drive features you should learn

Google Drive is a useful suite of applications provided for free by the Google, and these apps when linked with the free online storage could provide us with better functionality than other suites offered by like Microsoft Office or Mac apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Google Drive offers quite a many
features and you need not just be a student to learn them. They can make you better and smarter improving your work effectively. Here are the five best Google Drive features you should be using.

1. Voice typing

Google has been perfecting on the voice recognition, and it has added the feature of voice typing in Google Docs. All you need to do is just dictate instead of typing, by speaking and Google can type script it. The Voice typing can support around 40 languages.

To use Voice Typing feature, Open Google Docs document on Chrome browser. Click on Tools and select Voice typing option. Tap the microphone and start voicing your work, for Google to transcribe what you say, including the punctuation marks.

2. Work Offline

Google Drive offers offline mode which allows you to create, view, or edit documents, even if you are out of Internet connection. To work offline, you need to activate the offline feature in the Chrome browser. Log into Google Drive account, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and select settings. Check the box labeled “Sync Google Doc, Sheets, Slides, & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline” The changes will sync back when you’re online.

3. Research from Google Docs

The new Research tool in the Google Drive Android app allows you to search Google without leaving the document. It lets you to get and read the information, copy and paste text from online into your document, insert the images on Google and insert the links.

4. Stream music from Google Drive

Google Drive also lets you save music and stream it to your browser with the DriveTunes plug-in, as you may have already signed up for at least the 100 GB plan. With this, you can back up your MP3 files to Google Drive while being able to stream them on the chrome browsers which have the plug-ins installed.

5. New changes button

With the new changes, you can now see the changes made by the by collaborators and contributors in your shared documents. Google has come up with "See new changes" button which is in the tool bar where you can get the new additions and adjustments made since the last time you opened the document.

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