Monday, 7 September 2015

System Analyst are Hacking protective data of Firefox from Mozilla

 System Analyst are Hacking protective data of Firefox from Mozilla
Inherent instability data of Bugzilla from  mozilla bug tracking system has stolen by a hacker last month targeting firefox users via a browser.As informed by mozilla sensitive-secuirity information which hacked is not publicly   avaialble.To avoid this, certain steps are taken to secure  the data from hacking and will not face the situation in future. .
Changes are  required  for authorized acess of secuirity -sensitive information. All users should change their passwords and to implement two-factor authentication. There are predominent upadates has made as safety measures and it should not acessable as much data in future by the hacker.

If you think that you are unware about this should not to be worry over the secuirity reasons was shown in the hack,then rest easy .As upadted by firefox has released a new version at this end of the month to fix the problem .



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