How to Configure Notification Center In OS X?

OS X, Yosemite has around 200 features, and one of the key features is the Notification Center, which has been incorporated in OS X since 2012. The Notification Center with its own setting panel is easy to access, using two methods- either by dragging the Notification Center from the right edge of the screen to left or by clicking it on the right hand side of the screen.

Notification Center includes two panels- Notifications and Today. While the Today panel involves details of widgets and system information, the Notifications Panel involves the actual notifications, which appear on the screen are stored. Today panels allows users to implement changes such as do not disturb and mute notifications. It can be configured by clicking the Edit button in the bottom of screens.

How to Configure Notification Center

Do Not Disturb

The Notification Center includes Do Not Disturb option, which lets you delay notifications, and ensure users are not disturbed because of notifications while performing other tasks. For setting the option, open the Notification Center; scroll down to where the toggle switch is pulled down. You will not be able to receive any notifications until the next day until it is switched back on.

Twitter Integration

The Notification Center has a tweet button which is the Twitter integration, and you can add your twitter account details under the ‘Systems Preferences’ menu.

Configure Alert Styles

The option allows you to opt to view the alerts when the screen gets locked, and thus when the option is chose, it will not show any previews. You can opt for these notifications to come into view when it is unlocked or you can also choose the option not to display the previews.

Change Notification Settings

It has an option allowing you to either turn on or off notification for apps, implement changes to the display badge app icons and also lets you choose the number of notifications to be displayed. If the badge app icons are enabled, it displays the badges overlapping the application icons. You can also select the notifications to appear by dates or manually, and in the latter the apps can e appeared in the order of your choice.

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