Get Desktop Notifications to Whatsapp chat

WhatsApp has found its way to other platforms like web browsers, desktops and tablets, just like its competent Viber, Skype and other messaging applications. The company has launched a web client which will work with the Android and iOS devices, thus unveiling the new possibilities for the platform, including desktop notifications.

The WhatsApp Web app is now being used by more than 200 million people for accessing the messages on other devices apart from the smartphones. Though the app was initially planned to be available only to mobile users, it however was later available to other platforms, after the since Facebook bought the app for $19 billion.

Now, you can get the WhatsApp alerts on the desktop, via Chrome's notification system and a free extension. You can enable the desktop notifications using Chrome's own features, while syncing your your WhatsApp chats to the web. You can also change the settings from the Notifications entry in the app menu any time.

On the other hand, the free extension WAToolkit allows you to expand the speech bubbles inside the web app, besides also enabling the background notifications, so that you’ll be able to get the alerts even if the WhatsApp tab is closed or Chrome is not running. This extra feature can be beneficial in getting the alerts even when the WhatsApp isn’t opened in the browser all the time.

Check the new icon on the browser toolbar and a new icon on your WhatsApp web interface. Click on the browser tool bar icon for the notifications of latest messages, while by clicking in the WhatsApp web interface, you can change the extension options. This is a perfect toolto try out since it saves you a lot of time and effort.


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