Move to iOS app get bad comments on Play Store

If you constantly  require confirmation,the Android vs iOS enmity is actual.Apple launches its Move to iOS app recently,so Android customers can easily shift their info  if they  usually have an iPhone.

Looks like an excellent cordial thing to do,right? Some Android users ever think so. They have taken to use the app’s analysis field on the Play Store as a form  to heave misconduct at Apple.

one of the analyst stated that he would “relatively  be shot in the face than switch to a locked, guarded situation.Apple will be the next BlackBerry in a lean years."Another Android advocate excitedly  wrote “I call on my fellow android  associates to ensure this app gets submerged into abeyance with a 1 star rating not at all to be seen again on our appreciate platform.”

Instantly  the app has an global assessment of 1.9, with 706 clear reviews in resemblance  to 2,376 negative ones.

Planners can reply to analysts on the Play Store,so it could be gratifying if Apple starts to answer to some of its authorities.

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