7 Tips & Tricks to increase blog traffic

While it’s easy to build the blog and post the content, it’s not much easy to build a successful blog with significant and daily constant traffic. You need to attract and increase the inflow of the number of people visiting your blog. If you want your blog to be flooded with traffic, here are some tips and tricks to follow to drive the traffic to the blog.

1. Quality Content

No one likes to read a copied or an outdated content. Ensure your content resonates with your audience. Exclusive topics, writing styles and attractive content can attract others on the web. Proofread content and avoid any grammatical errors to not disappoint your readers, As these same readers can become regular visitors and spend more time on your website.

2. Strike a chord with users

Focus on the trending topics and strike a chord with your users by making your content in simple style that your users can understand. A mix of trending topics with the evergreen articles can thoroughly help in gaining the traffic to the blog. Check Google trends and twitter trends and find topics. Subscribe to your industry blogs to check the popular topics. You can also focus on different types of content on your blog to drive more traffic.

3. Use links in Posts

Your aim is to increase the external traffic, that doesn’t mean you can leave aside the internal traffic. Increasing the internal traffic is also significant. You can link your posts to your other posts in our blog to increase the visit time. Make your blog posts look good, so that the readers will instantly like the content.

4. Social Media

You must have already recognized the importance of social media. It’s important to have presence on all the social media platforms, rather than just focusing on one. If you haven’t yet, then register  personal account and a brand account  on Twitter, Facebook, Google+,LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Connect with users on the social media to increase your presence and followers count. Use attractive content, compelling descriptions to share your posts.

5. Optimize your page

Lean all the ways to get the improved search presence by adequately optimizing the page. Know about the indexing to get the most out of it, while you can also to leverage the use of plugins to make search engine read better. It is known fact that the most vital fact to drive huge traffic lies in the blog’s effective SEO. Understand over-optimization and concept of search engine penalty to know the strategies.

6. Increase site speed

While you can be successful in attracting users get on to the website, it’s not perhaps easy to making them stick to the page for longer time. If your content takes longer time to load, your blog visitors are likely to shift to the competitive sites. Check your blog speed and how it is performing. Learn tips to improve the site speed regularly.

7. Keyword Research

Several successful blog readers have been conducting keyword research technique for driving more traffic. It’s perhaps one of the best tools as you don’t have to pay. Focus on the Google Keyword Search to identify the popular keywords to include in the Articles Titles to hit the search engine enquiries.

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