7 Tips & Tricks to attract followers in Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites, and this is due to the exciting layout of photos and feeds. If you are looking to join the Insta badwagon of interesting hashtags, photos and videos, follow these 7 tips and tricks to attract the followers in quick time.

1. Pick Right Themes

Your Instagram pics require a theme and you can choose from the ample colors to the sky to nature to the scenic greenery around. Opt for a theme based on your subject, and do not keep posting loads of selfies every day. Follow people on Instagram to learn new things like the editing apps VSCO or camera apps.

2. Get the Best Shots

The advanced camera resolution and superior technology can give you great shots. You can even get the best shots on your phone by following the basic rules. The best way is to click in the natural light, while the 'Rule of Third' aids in composing pictures better by placing the subject on the two grid-lines in the view finder. The Camera’s HDR feature can brighten up the shadows making your landscape shots look better. Overuse offlash, shaky hands and optical zoom can ruin your shots.

3. Choose Right Hashtags

Prefer using Hashtags whenever possible to get more followers, comments & "Double Taps". Use the subject-oriented and attractive hash tags for making it interesting for your followers. Try to avoid tags in local languages and focus on the most popular and appropriate hashtags for making it easy to search for anyone with same interests.

4. Keep the Gallery Clean

People will instantly notice the grid of photos you posted recently on Instagram, and this will generate interest. So, make sure your photos on grid are attractive and great. Choosing the right theme is thus beneficial for giving them some uniformity. Keep posting photos with lot of white space at times.

5. Pick Good Editing Apps

Instagram provides us with an app with the photo editing tools. But there are lot more photo editing tools and apps to try out. VSCO Cam, Fotor, Afterlight, Snapseed, Pixlr are some of the good apps with amazing tricks to brighten up shadows and give them HDR effect. iOS users can find apps such as Enlight to better their pictures. 

6. Experiment

Try experimenting on your photos like from a different perspective. Instagram has recently removed posting photos in square frame only, and users can now post portrait or landscape photos. Be active and follow other Instragramers as there are thousands of amazingly creative people and interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts.

7. Use impressive captions

Use witty, well composed and impressive captions to your clicks along with the right hashtags and an emoji. Follow minimalistic approach with right words or smart phrases. Your caption can help your picture enhance above the digital clutter.  

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