5 Tips to improve Wi-fi network Performance

WiFi connectivity issues are most common; however you can resolve these issues by yourself following some of these tips below. It’s advisable not to buy cheapest WiFi routers as they are poorly built and cause issues often. Invest in good routers for getting rid of the repeated disconnections or other performance woes.

1. Position the Router

Wireless signals don’t carry far and the walls or large objects could create obstruction. So, try locating the router in the centre of home for the best range possible. Also consider using directional antenna, for improving the range by focusing the signal in a specific way. Place the router on the flat surface without any interference. Ensure to use a unique wireless channel or rename the wireless router for any interference from interference

2. Get repeater

To boost the wifi signal, wireless repeater is the easiest and safest way. Rather than creating the signal, Repeater transmits the existing signal and that is the only variance with router. It’s easy to install and don’t require further connections or any wires. You can also add the multiple repeaters to make it easier to create a home or business network

3. Changing antenna can help

If the router has the adjustable antennas, try changing the angle to redirect the signal to coverup the dead spots. Make a parabolic reflectorand support it with the antenna to enhance its signal. Instead if you have 802.11ac router, you don’t require it as it uses the beam forming technique to focus the signal toward devices on the network edge.

4. Use both bands

Some of the routers operate on two different frequencies roughly 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, with each channel working on the either frequency. So, get two different networks- lower frequency fo devices operating on WiFi and higher one for the those that connect at 5 GHz like the streaming videos.

5. Use wires when required

A wireless connection still isn’t as fast or reliable as the wire connections as per the newest WiFi standard. So, connect the bandwidth-hungry devices which can be placed in a single location like the Roku streaming media boxes or Xbox gaming consoles via networking cable, so that the wireless connections can be saved. 

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