6 New Best Android, iOS, Windows Phone apps

With the new smartphones, watches and gadgets releasing every month, there are several new apps being launched each day. Windows gets the quite essential apps while Android and iOS got the cool stuff that makes your mobiles more intriguing. Let’s take a look.


Microsoft has launched Cortana beta for the Android users. While it’s available for download in the US via Google Play Store, it is however not yet available in India, but you can still sideload it on your device. Microsoft has earlier announced it would release Cortana on Android and iOS, and it maintains similar user interface and functionalities. Microsoft has launched Cortana earlier to compete with Apple's Siri, and Google's Google Now. With Cortana, you will be able to get reminders, search the web on-the-go, track important information such as flight details and complete all tasks across devices.

Pintasking- Android

Pintaksing is the good multitasking app for android users, which lets you minimize your active apps to floating buttons so that you can switch between the apps quickly, than using the Android’s built-in functionality or without restarting them either. It also helps you navigate your device at faster pace. The function of the app is to pin the apps, just like chat heads in Facebook Messenger, to help you navigate between most used apps.

VHS camcorder- iOS

VHS Camcorder transports you back to 1980’s where camcorders ruled. It filters your photos and videos to look old, adding the 80s-inspired effects by simply shaking their phone, and even "dramatically enhance the cheese factor" with tape noise, static and even tracking distortion. The other interesting features include the bad sound recording, a widescreen option and built-in clip viewer. VHS Camcorder app is available for $3.99 in the iOS App Store.

Geromino- iOS

Geronimo is launched free for iOS and works with Gmail, while the other email services will be added in the future. It lets you customize how the emails are displayed, and makes it inventive and fun to read, delete and organize the inbox. It helps in organizing the messages the way you want, lets you delete and achieves faster and has photo editor, where you can draw on and add text to image. It also makes you attach files from iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Reddhub- Windows Phone

Reddhub app is similar to the PC counterpart, but the ad removal does not seem to be present in this version. It’s free for download in the Windows Mobile Store. ReddHub provides an adaptive viewing panel that delivers interesting viewing experience, Full reddit experience such as login, posting, messaging, Pivot navigation for easy one-handed use, Inline video display, and several options such as full browser experience, hide, save, sort, share, post and comment

Slack- Windows Phone

The popular app Slack is finally available on Windows Phone, after it’s very much available on all the other platforms. The official Slack Beta app for Windows Phone is already in the Store for the users. Slack has been the go-to chat app for work and it would now be a major win for Windows Phone.

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